Switching hard drives

If I’m willing to lose everything on the existing hard drive, can I just dii these steps:

  1. Disconnect old drive
  2. Connect new drive
  3. Connect to the Tablo network and follow procedure as if I just received it?

I’m off this coming Friday, so I’ll wait and do the switch then, when support is there.

I think you probably need to either do a factory reset or delete everything from the old drive, or it will still show all of the stuff from the old drive as being there.

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In preparation for the new firmware and replacing my hard drive with a new 5TB Drive, I have downloaded and converted all the shows that my Tablos have recorded that I haven’t yet watched.

Using @CycleJ Excellent Tablo Ripper program to do so.

The only down side to doing this so far, is you lose thumbnails and close captioning.



I can do without the shows I have recorded and not watched. There are only so many hours in a day, I work Monday - Friday, so that just leaves the weekend. There are a few series I want that I haven’t watched and will do the same. For example, last night I saw what I think was the first episode of “Jeff’s Collie” which was on Cozi TV under the title of “Lassie”. As years went on, Lassie went to Timmy Martin, and is the “Lassie” I grew up with. June Locheart played Mrs. Martrin in “Lassie” and Mrs. Robinson in “Lost in Space” (another show I grew up with.)

I’ve got the beta of the new firmware, but was on vacation last week and didn’t want to swap out the disk prior to vacation. I got the same hard drive that they used in house for testing. I’m thinking of swapping disk this Friday since I’m off. I’ll back up the shows I want during the week and try watching them (or watch them).

The database of all the recordings is on the Tablo itself - you need to factory reset it before plugging in the new drive.

Make sure the new drive is freshly formatted and doesn’t have anything on it.

It’s brand new, just received from Newegg prior to going on vacation. Same drive that they used in house. The Seagate 5 TB (same model as they used - who knows what changed between model numbers and the newer one might have problems) To bad they can’t test all hard disk and recommend the various ones. Looks like Seagate is going to be the winner by being the first to provide them a drive to test. I was not going to get another Seagate, but with the in house testing and no problems, I jumped on it instead of waiting for the Western Digital testing.

Have you tried Plex? https://plex.tv/downloads You can run Plex server on virtually any platform. I have a synology NAS, but any computer with a huge hard drive works. And virtually all streaming boxes support it, including Roku, Android, and IOS. The file naming used by TabloRipper triggers Plex to replace the missing metadata.

I watch new shows on Tablo, then delete them. Shows I’d like to watch again someday? Backed up on Plex for posterity. Just something to consider.

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I used to have Plex and used to it watch the questionable legally of some programs prior to getting the Tablo. After I received the Tablo, I’ve been recording the programs I was watching on Plex. Some of the channels on Plex change because of the legally of them and I don’t want to be depending on something that will be forced to go away when the copyright owners learn of the illegal channels.

Agreed, Plex pushes the limits for home entertainment. But you do not need any channels to watch your own recordings. I stick with Roku for channels, and use Plex for recordings. Good place to rip your DVD collection too. And unlike tablo, you can easily backup your data.

Edit: Forgot to mention Plex also hosts your home video and audio collection. Not trying to sell it to anyone, but if you haven’t checked it out, you might want to.


The Shows I converted from Tablo, I moved to my PLEX Server (I have a lifetime subscription)