Switch from ethernet to wifi

I had tablo in one room with ethernet connection. moved to another room with no ethernet, just wifi and when I try to start it it can’t find ethernet so won’t open so that I can set it to search for wifi.
using amzon fire stick. Tried rescan and nothing. tried pushing blue button to reset, still nothing. very frustrating and of course frustrating becasue tablo has no direct tech support to contact.

anyone have any ideas??

I’m trying to figure out how to switch from wifi to ethernet myself. So far no luck.

You can’t do it using a Fire TV stick, nor a Roku.
Gotta use a computer, iPad, Android, …

Check out the Getting Connected to Tablo section:

That’s pretty easy. Just plug an ethernet cable into the Tablo and reboot. However, there have been some Tablos with bad ethernet ports. If you aren’t getting any lights on the back port after plugging in a cable, either the port is bad or the cable is bad.

my issue is going from Ethernet to wifi, I have tried all the things tablo says to do but it will not go back into wifi mode.

Where does it fail exactly?

Do you see the Tablo’s wifi signal?

The Tablo device should broadcast a WiFi network called “Tablo_XXXX”. You will have to make your iPad or computer connect to this WiFi network - this is different than your WiFi network for your internet.

not able to see on my main computer - can see it on laptop but clicked on it and still nothing. I sure wish Tablo had a support dept that could help me.

all it does is connect my laptop to a tablo network - of course then my laptop doesn’t get intenet since it is not a network. Tablo still not seeing my internet network wifi

Yes, that’s normal, and necessary just for setting up the Tablo network connection.

Now, this is the real problem.
Sounds like the Tablo wireless chip is working, cuz you connected to it with your laptop.
Might there be anything metal, or really thick (refridgerator) between the Tablo and the wireless router?
WiFi signals bounce off metal.

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