Sweetest Tablo Setup!

So far I’m winning!


At least this thread makes sense now.   \:D/

Not everyone is a forum geek like us Adam!  :wink:

Alright Adam, post your setup!

Oh, I wasn’t disagreeing with you!  I just saw your post before and was wonder what you were talking about.   With the picture it makes sense!  

Mine is sitting on the top of an upstairs library out of the way from everyone.     

Here’s my setup nothing in the living room except for surroundsound and TV. All components in the laundry room.
photo 2A668B0B-25F5-43C1-AFC7-4F5120CFCA6D_zpsqaafcfdi.jpg
photo 82335DD4-6BB2-40A3-99E0-6E914C6143A3_zps4ozw1pyy.jpg

I did an attic install of my antenna and built a shelf in the top of our coat closet for my router, tablo, and HD.  You would have a hard time finding them if you wanted to.  Since the Roku3 can be attached behind the tv with the remote still working, there is nothing left to show except a very clean TV install on the wall.  I love it.

@bencounter - You should share a picture!

Here it is - small shelf with the gear. I have wired connections running to the rokus through the wall so that the install couldn’t get any cleaner. Loving it so far.

I’ll post a pic shortly. Instagram wont show up here.

@bencounter - Your picture doesn’t show up :frowning:  It does need to be hosted at a URL. 

Sorry - instagram’s privacy settings wouldn’t let the forum pull the pic.  Here’s the closet install.  Not the prettiest, but it’s meant to be hidden and tucked away so all that’s left on the wall is the TV.

That looks nice!     

We designed Tablo so you COULD do this. Good job! 

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