Surround Sound Vizio E-420

The manual says it supports Dolby but I can’t seem to get surround sound to work.

Using a Roku Stick…

Any ideas?

It should work. The main thing is to to check your audio settings on the Roku and make sure it isn’t set to stereo. Also make sure you don’t have “night listening mode” enabled (if that is one of your options).

If the Roku appears correct, go into your TV audio settings and make sure surround sound is turned to on.

I have either set the Roku to Auto or specifically selected each of the Dolby options.

I’ll check night time listening mode, and the TV settings again.

Hey @jbmoll - Are you seeing one of the screens shown in this Knowledge Base article?

If so, you might have run into an issue we’ve seen from time to time with Roku’s latest firmware. The only ‘fix’ seems to be resetting the Roku device.

Thankfully getting it set back up should be simple and quick since Roku saves your channels and preferences in your online account.

Simple, not quick.
Many Roku channels require authorization via username/password, or via code obtained from vendor’s website.

True… That is a pain in the butt. Easier on the Roku app on your phone with the physical keyboard, but still a pain in the butt.

That’s why we’re hoping Roku’s next firmware update will fix this.

I have double checked all my settings in the Roku and TV. Still says it’s connected to a device that doesn’t support surround sound.

Did a factory reset and it worked like a champ!

Thanks guys!


Does this also work on Roku tvs (TCL) ? Same issue?