Surround Sound & Live Events

I have a Tablo connected to my wired network and use a Roku Ultra to access the Tablo. I play audio through a Yamaha A/V receiver.

I tried using surround sound when Roku first released it but ended up turning it off due to issues with live events, particularly shows that have voiceover. I tried surround sound again tonight with the Olympics closing ceremony but still experience the same symptoms.

What happens is the voice over (announcers) is comparatively very loud versus the music and other sounds from the actual event.

I have seen this with other live shows such as Dancing with the Stars and sporting events.

Commercials come through just fine.

You might look at what your volume mode is configured as…

How do I use volume modes on my Roku® streaming device? | Official Roku Support

Thanks! That does help quite a bit.

What is going on here, though? This seems to indicate Roku is interfering with delivery of audio from the Tablo through to the A/V receiver.

Keep in mind the playback of the content is still being done via your Roku, it’s passing the audio to the A/V receiver. Since the playback is occurring on the Roku those Roku settings could be impacting what is being sent to the A/V receiver. Nothing is going directly from the Tablo to the A/V receiver. I say that assuming you have one of the network Tablos, not one of the HDMI models.

Yes. It is one of the network Tablo devices with four tuners.

I did not know the Roku could impact the audio or video stream from the Tablo to the receiver. I just figured it would pretty much turn control over and get out of the way. This makes it very difficult to figure out exactly what is going on and where to even look.

Any other settings on the Roku I should check into regarding how it impacts streams from the Tablo?

Audio issues are usually what people encounter with Roku devices and really it’s more related to their volume modes than anything with the Tablo itself.