Surround sound issues

Just got a Tablo Quad Thursday. Installed Friday night.

We have a 5.1 surround set up in the living room on a roku TV.
We have a TCL roku TV in the master bedroom.
An older Roku running on an old Toshiba in the office
and a brand new Roku 4k running on a Samsung TV in the 2nd bedroom.

We set the recordings to record in surround, so they could be played in living room system.
The recordings play fine there.
The recordings play fine on the TCL in master bedroom.

But the rokus in the bedroom and office have the "recordings will not play " message on those TVs. Even the one with the brand new 4K roku.

Is there any setting we can hit, so programs can be watched on all TVs? (without losing surround in the living room)

See if it’s this maybe…

You may just have to do a factory reset on the Rokus having the issue. See this recent thread: Surround Sound Vizio E-420

I’ve found the 5.1 to be a PITA, personally. MOST of my stuff will play it, but my older firestick and laptop (with Atmos, no less) must not meet the requirements, as I don’t have sound with those. I ended up just dropping the 5.1 from Tablo and use a virtual setting on my gear. Sucks, but it’s that or be restricted on what plays.

I wish Tablo could come up with a fall back somehow in which you could record in 5.1, but if it ran into problems, it would pass normal sound.

What browser/app are you using on the laptop? I have found that the Windows 10 app and the new Chromium based Edge browser are the only applications that support Tablo 5.1 sound. If you are using anything else you will not get any sound when the recordings or Live Tv are using Tablo 5.1.

Also to bguppies,
I have an older Toshiba LCD TV and discovered that it does not support Dolby Digital so cannot get it to work with Tablo 5.1.

Thanks for that tip, I’m using Chrome. I’ll have to give those others a shot when I get a minute.