- Python program to query and convert Tablo recordings




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Yeah, weird how the mind works. That popped up in my mind when he answered my question. I haven’t spoken Russian since the two semesters of it I took in the early '80s.


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I just found this and am testing it out. The one thing that perhaps rubs me the wrong way more than it should, is that the config file is not a hidden file. Have you considered using ‘~/.surlatablo2.conf’ instead (adding the leading dot)? Even better on Linux would be something like ‘~/.config/surlatabo2.conf’, but that requires a conditional platform check based on the OS.

In the meantime, I’m patching the local copy of the script myself.


It’s configurable… and there’s those pesky Windows folks…


With the firmware update to add 5.1 audio, it would appear that the Mp4 “straight-thru” option is producing zero-length files. I am attempting to “fix” it and it would appear it may have something to do with the option “aac_adtstoasc”, but am having no luck. Anyone else solve the issue?


Ugh, given the hideous nature of the implementation (sorry Nuvyyo, but you know what I mean), I was hoping to not have to troubleshoot this (sigh). Life was better without this “feature”.


I thought users ask for 5.1 pass thru so that the sound from tablo would be as close as possible to the sound embedded in the actual OTA transmission?


But, as Nuvyyo and others (like myself) mentioned, this problem isn’t quite as easy as it sounds. As we’ve already seen, it’s an all or nothing implementation right now. If all of your devices can handle surround (even if they dumb it down), you’re ok (and btw, that’s a very small set right now).

There’s a reason why things like Plex work. Because plex understand the client capabilities and transcodes on the fly to match the end device. This is “too much” for the Tablo hardware to do… well… let’s just say it would put even greater limits on the platform as is.

I don’t really want to say anything more until I actually can take a look at these “new” things. Who knows, I might be surprised.


I didn’t say that what the users thought they were asking for made any sense, was feasible, or a good solution.

Plex loves to brag about the wonders of having the plex client perform the sound transcoding. Even trying to imply that their sound codecs were superior to all others. And if you configured plex for pass thru you could be in a world of hurt.

Tip!: We do not recommend
enabling passthrough as the first thing you do. Only do that if you are
very well informed about what it entails, because it’s probably not what
you want here. Plex Media Player has the capability to perfectly
decode most “HD audio” formats, and enabling passthrough creates
drawbacks that you likely want to avoid. The “Plex Media Player decode of audio vs. Passthrough” section near the bottom of the article has useful information to read before enabling passthrough.


It’s been a while since I used this but now that I have a house and and a good HD antenna the shows are nice and clear. I just tried running the surlatablo-2.2 version and I get this error. Any suggestions?

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “./surlatablo”, line 2675, in
jrec_ids = urllib2.urlopen(rec_ids_url)
File “/usr/lib/python2.7/”, line 154, in urlopen
return, data, timeout)
File “/usr/lib/python2.7/”, line 429, in open
response = self._open(req, data)
File “/usr/lib/python2.7/”, line 447, in _open
‘_open’, req)
File “/usr/lib/python2.7/”, line 407, in _call_chain
result = func(*args)
File “/usr/lib/python2.7/”, line 1228, in http_open
return self.do_open(httplib.HTTPConnection, req)
File “/usr/lib/python2.7/”, line 1198, in do_open
raise URLError(err)
urllib2.URLError: <urlopen error [Errno 110] Connection timed out>


Did the IP change of your Tablo? Check the value in your surlatablo2.conf.


Oh. I edited that value within the script. So I should use the conf instead?


Yes. The reason for the conf file is so you can upgrade to newer versions and keep your settings.


Ah ok. I will do that. Thanks! Any idea if there will be an actual interface for this? It sure would be nice if Tablo just added this as a standard feature to their web interface. It’s long overdue. They made recent updates but still no download feature.


There has been talk from time to time of Nuvyyo adding some sort of “download” feature, but I’m really not sure where it stands in their priority list.


I made progress using the config file. Now I am trying to figure out why for local timezone it does not like US/Arizona. Why does it have to be US/Central?


Sorry. I guess I have to learn this all over again. How do I get the record id’s for the shows so I can execute the command to search and convert? I am reading the notes in the script but It’s not clear. I want to search for available recordings, return the record ID’s with the name. I tried adjusting queryformat in the conf and also on command line with surlatablo command. Still not getting the recid’s.

I even commented out query format in the conf and it’s still not giving the recid’s It’s just the name - season episode - title.

Any suggestions?