- Python program to query and convert Tablo recordings


Okay, testing now with these settings.

I’ll also explore getting a newer ffmpeg. The one above was the newest one I could get from the package repositories. I might have to custom build it.


Version 3 or higher to get rid of the experimental requirement for aac.


Ugh, I just saw that with a few google searches. Okay, time to try a custom build i think.


Of course, I’d kinda like to see if my workaround works for you :slight_smile:


Testing it now.


Okay, those settings worked however there is another problem.

Since Tablo starts recording right at the exact time in the guide (in this cast 7:30 for Jeopardy) it thought the first 10 mins of the show were commercial and skipped all the way to first commercial break since the network started the show early Tablo missed the beginning of the show and the flag indicating it as such.

It is also keeping the last 5 mins of the file cause it’s the next show cause Tablo insisits on going over by that extra 5 mins. :frowning:

Here is where we would really need that feature to start recordings early that EVERYONE has been asking for unless there is a way to tell SurLaTablo to skip the beginning if the flag is not present. :frowning:


I may be able to add some custom tweaks to make this “better” but very specialized and wouldn’t be general… and of course not the default.


Ok… this is likely a bug. Could you download and try:

Hopefully you didn’t delete the culprit off your Tablo (that Jeopardy show). Let me know if this makes things “better”.


Actually, I put a bug into that bug fix… just a sec. :slight_smile:


Ok, try this link now and see if it makes a difference


Okay, I’ll download it and give it a try. I think I might have deleted the episode but I’ll have another one this evening to test with. The network always starts the show about 1 min early so I always miss the very beginning.

I’ll keep you posted and let me know if you’d rather take this off the main thread and to a private discussion.


Just tested it on an episode of “The Flash” and it appears to have worked. I will do some more testing and let you know but at first glance it looks promising.


“The Flash” is a very very very well behaved show with regards to commercials. Not sure if that’s a great test or not. But do let me know ifyou try some others.


Will do. I’ll have a Dr. Phil and Jeopardy this afternoon and let you know how it goes.


Okay, tested last night.

Overall worked much better. Dr. Phil appears to have generated without issue. Jeopardy however generated just fine up until the last commercial break before final Jeopardy. When the final commercial break occurred it clipped from there all the way to the start of the next show skipping over the final answer/question.


Either set options[‘postscript’] in your surlatablo2.conf or add -o postscript=True to the command line. It’s not perfect, but it was designed to do what you’re looking for.


I have this in my conf file already…

options[‘postscript’] = ‘true’

Is that not correct?


yep… that’s right. Sorry it didn’t work though. It’s very probabilistic. I may have to record some jeopardy and see if I can tweak it or suggest the right tweaks.


No worries and the efforts are much appreciated. Anything you can do is welcome but don’t go crazy over it. I’m happy to have the script back and working again, the commercial stripping is all gravy at this point. :slight_smile:


Definitely gravy. Sometimes tasty, sometimes not. Sometimes smooth, sometimes lumpy. :slight_smile: