Sure way to fix buffering issues

I’ve had my four tuner Tablo for about six months, and although I love the concept, I found my TVs besieged by constant buffering. Day or night, the problem persisted and although I spoke to support techs often, nothing resolved the problem.
Until now:
I found by using an app on my phone, my Wifi, like many homes, despite a powerful new router, we had weak spots.

Now the remedy: I tried several different Wifi range extenders, and they all failed miserably. I was doing some more research and stumbled upon a product on Amazon called Almond 2015 by Securifi. It can be used as a router or Wifi range extender. It features a touch wizard for the screen and I have it in my weakest WiFi area: my kitchen. So the unit is about 40 feet from my router and works strictly off the WiFi signal. I called Tech Support and they are amazingly helpful, should you need help. They also shared with me that if, and it is rare, a unit fails, they send out a brand new one, not refurbished. The unit is about $70.00. I bought the $80.00 unit because with a sensor, it turns on the lights for the dog if I’m away. The big point here is that it has cut my buffering by 95%.
Hope that helps. Nope, I don’t work for Securifi, which only makes me feel that much better to share this info.

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@igweiss - Does it preserve your DHCP Reservations ? I have tried a range extender, but it didn’t have DHCP Reservations, and wiped out the ones I had set up on the WiFi Router.

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The Almond 2015 uses the DHCP reservations when connected to the router via ethernet. You would need to set up the Almond as an access point to preserve your IP settings.

You might want to call Almond tech support or email them for additional information before or after your purchase of the device. As I mentioned, they are absolutely fantastic and so willingly to help. Their phone number is: 1-855-969-7328.

I have several TVs in my house, and all of them have dropped the buffering down to only 5%.
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So once again, my Tablo is buffering constantly. To the point that if I hadn’t spent 299.00 for the 4-tuner, and 150. for a lifetime subscription, I’d get rid of the Tablo.
Tired of spending a fortune while under the guise of saving money from DirectV.

OK, you have a problem. PLs contact Tablo support and let them help you fix it. There are 1000’s of us out here that are extremely happy with Tablo, but I have had to contact Tablo support 4 or 5 times over 2 yrs. But everything has been A ok the last 8 mths. Good Luck.


I too had buffering (and other) issues in the beginning. First I replaced my HD. That fixed a lot of problems. Next I changed the firmware on my router. That fixed the others. I don’t see buffering issues now from our two TVs.

@igweiss Don’t hesitate to contact our support team. We can take a look at your Tablo to see if it’s having an issue, and we can make recommendations based on your setup. You can file a ticket by clicking here.

So I’m wondering. Does anyone know if I can combine using both the Tablo and Slingbox as a backup device?

I will call Tablo tomorrow again to help with the buffering, but frankly I’m losing faith in the Tablo. I am beyond frustrated.