Support response time?

What has everyones experience w/ tech support response times been when opening a ticket? When I finally get an update on any tickets i’ve opened they’ve been very helpful. However there tends to be long stretches in between any responses. Right now i’ve had a ticket opened for about 2 weeks and its been about 10 days since I’ve heard back anything . I’ve sent 3-4 messages during that stretch and nothing. We’re on our first 6 months with Tablo and so far cant say this part of the experience has been pretty disappointing unfortunately

@Tablo says that each time you send a message for the same ticket, it goes to the back of the queue (like it was a new ticket). Sounds bogus to me.

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if thats true it means we’re being penalized for trying to follow up on a case that isn’t being communicated upon. hopefully thats not the case

'Tis true. See post below. But what’s the issue? Maybe we can help.

Just a way to normalize workflow and compensate for squeaky wheels.

My 2 cents.

Tablo support seem to be good. By that I mean they’re not working off a script, but respond to match a user’s specific circumstances. So no boilerplate. That’s either a developer or someone with a lot of training. It’s also relatively expensive and not outsourced.

Tablo’s parent company (Nuyyo?) (sp?) isn’t super big and I doubt they have tons of cash to burn through. So the 3rd side of the triangle -response time - suffers a bit. I can live with that. Unless I need them a lot. Then I’ll live without the Tablo.

I am completely with you here on this too. i’m been working in the tech industry for 15 years and agree that the best support teams are ones that treat each case as its own and not cookie cutter. And to reiterate one of my original points that when i do hear back , the support has been fantastic and felt like a personalized experience so thats great. Myself as being part of a support team that tries to strive for that same experience for our end users one thing that we push the hardest is communication with your clients whether you have a fix/solution or not. Almost 2 weeks w/out a response would be a giant blemish on us.

I was just curious what everyones past experience has been since i’m relatively new to the product just to get a good baseline what to expect moving forward. thanks for everyones time and input so far!

Call and check on it after a couple of days.

@andygresbach Sending in consecutive responses without hearing from us will indeed reset your position in the queue - so after so many of these, we kept missing you. We sincerely apologize for the wait. Our team is reviewing your ticket now.

Our response time goal is 24 hours. We meet this goal the majority of the time - but when things get busy (Football starting, Fall TV shows ramping up, etc) it’s possible that wait times can be extended. We’re working as hard as we can to meet our commitments to all of our customers. Stay tuned, and thanks for your patience :slight_smile:

P.S as @beastman mentioned, we’re also available over the phone! You can reach us at 1-844-TABLOTV (822-5688).

thank you for the response on this. I appreciate the help. Are you able to confirm if customers emailing does actually put you in the back of the que like it was suggested? that might just make end user pause before communicating to know how the process works

That is correct as Tablo Support suggested.

We’ve even included this instruction on our contact support page:

Long story short, when you place a ticket you will receive an auto reply so you know we have your ticket. At that point we’ll do our best to get back to you within 1 business day.

In order to avoid longer delays, do not follow up on the ticket via email until you hear back from us.

ok thank you ! i hadn’t noticed that message so thank you for clearing it up. I do understand that you need to have some mechanisms in place to keep quality control for tickets. If its gone a week w/out a response do you recommend calling in rather than email? Email is typically the easiest method for me personally but want to do what works best

Our system should NEVER allow that. If you have received an auto reply, the ticket will get a reply well before a week goes by.

If you need an update at any time, you can always give us a ring, or even pop us a note via social media stating your ticket number and asking for an update.

Thank you i will try that. It had been about 3 days inbetween messages a couple times w/ my current ticket so I just was not sure what was looked at is normal response time before checking in. Thank you for the help with this again!

The FB page chat worked great for this by the way so thank you for that tip

844 is toll free from those that dodn"t know.