Support Remote Access...1 Second Time Frame

I am having issues with recording new shows. They simply wouldn’t record at all. I went back through and chose record all in order for them to record, which seems to be working. I would rather not do this. I contacted support via email and they asked that I place the tablo in “remote access” mode so that they could remote in and figure out the issue. Instructions were for me to press the blue button on the back of the device 3x in 1 second. I’m not sure if I’m just old or what, but I couldn’t press the button that fast in that micro fraction of time. They simply couldn’t help me until I could place the device in this impossible mode. Any suggestions or tricks to get this device in “remote access” mode? Any help would be appreciated.

It shouldn’t be too difficult @robrust and you actually have about 2 seconds to get it done in.

Just think about tapping on the button like knocking on a door.

Instead of ‘knock knock knock, Penny’, it’s ‘press press press, Tablo’!

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