Support - Question and a comment

First let me say that when contacting support the techs are knowledgeable, professional and very helpful. Only good experiences to date.

Have seen reference to the Tablo office being expanded. Will this include additional tech support personnel?

Would like to see the tech support hours expanded. We’re on the US West Coast and the time difference generally means no same day responses. Even adding an hour on the start time and two hours on the end time could make a considerable difference.


Hi @escolar - Yes! We’ve knocked down a few walls and have doubled our office space. Pretty exciting!

And yes, we hear you on the hours. It is quite difficult to provide the same level of service we do today outside of ‘Eastern Time’ working hours because the engineering staff are not available for escalations, but we will certainly consider making people available in extended hours for basic support.

But first we need to hire some more people! We are indeed hiring both coders and tech support folks so if you know of anyone in the Ottawa area who would like to join us, send them our way!


Thanks for the response.

Extended hours for basic support to start would be helpful. Might even be good for business. :wink:

Fair question and admirable company response. Over 1.5 yrs I’ve noticed some new users drop into forum with a question/problem around 5pm EST on Friday and get pretty annoyed by Monday or, in the case of holiday, Tuesday before support will get even a whiff of their problem.

I understand it’s a small outfit and growing pains must be significant. But tell that to the royally PO’d guy I described above? I think it might help to “disclose” your technical support hours of operation a little more prominently but that’s a minor thing.

But a good job by everyone at mother Tablo and thanks for all you do to keep the HDTV on!

We’re also working on an update to our website. You might notice we have a very different looking home page but the biggest change will be to the ‘guts’ of the site which should make it much easier for users to find the info they’re looking for and if they can’t find an answer to their question, to easily access all the ways to speak with us directly which includes phone/email support hours.


I have noticed the new landing page and will be interesting to see more enhancements!

All my best and thanks again for everything!