Support for Android TV Live Channels app?

There is a new awesome feature in Android TV units.
What it does? It allows for the channels to show up in Live Channels app from multiple sources.
At this time PlutoTV and HDHomeRun provide this functionality, so when you start up the Live Channels app on your AndroidTV it detects the available channels and allows you to use it as the frontend for watching.

More details are available at:

The Google’s Live channels app:

Any word on making the Tablo App compatible with the Android TV Live Channels app?


This feature has been requested a few times on these forums previously. Tablo says they would like to implement this feature, along with the Recommendations feature of Android TV, but they don’t currently have an estimate of when it will be done. Hopefully soon!


My Fortuner Tablo works great with live TV

Mine too, but the post is about an app for Android TV devices that allows you to aggregate channels from a bunch of different apps (PlutoTV) and IPTV tuners (currently hd home run’s app implements that) into a single interface

So, this is the example code to implement the feature:

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As an avid Tablo TV fan and user - I own two Tablos. Adding the Tablo to Live Channels would be AWESOME !!!


waiting for it…


Needs to be months. Really I think it will be next year or later but it would be awesome if it is sooner

End of 2016 approaching. Any update on Tablo being able to be viewed in Live Channels ?

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@TabloTV and @TabloSupport missing in action. Update please?

Sorry @beastman - I don’t have any updates to share on this.

Maybe get another DVR from Amazon that does Android Live Channels and Dolby. Have to read and see if AppleTV had anything similar, since it’ll become my main TV watching box, since it does Directvnow and some other channels that don’t have AndroidTV native.