Support for 802.11ac

I’m new to the community and definitely want to get a Tablo.  Is there a box that supports 802.11ac??  Thx.

The Tablo itself will only connect at wireless N on both the 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz bands.

However, I have an AC router in my home, and I do think it helps provide a good strong signal to all my wireless devices (PC, laptop, 2 tablets, and multiple phones).

It is also recommended that the Tablo is wired directly to the router if possible.


The Tablo is a device you don’t move around thus hard wire it to your router for stable performance. AC for all wireless players/clients.

Chiming in for responders… yes… very true, you want it wired.  But… the reason why somebody might need to go wifi is because of antenna.  Just saying.    For example, as a distant OTA user, I can only receive ABC (for example) from the upstairs of my house using an amplified antenna (Sorry, I don’t have an outdoor antenna today).  But my computer room (where the gateway and switches are) is downstairs.  Just giving an example… (there other examples)

@cjcox I currently use a Powerline adapter to connect my upstairs Tablo to the router downstairs.  Works well.   I tried using Wifi but didn’t like the latency. 

Depending upon how  your lines are run, a powerline adapter is another alternative, absolutely!!