Superbowl, perfect

Watched the Superbowl time shifted (about 40 min.). Fast forwarding through the (beer) commercials. Everything worked great! Congrats to the CENSORED on their win and to the CENSORED for making it an excellent close game. One of the best.


My Tablo Four recorded 6 hours at highest resolution with no problems. I fast-forwarded the entire recording and saw no black or blank preview frames. Good performance thus far.

I recorded This Is Us with 10 min early and 3 hour late option post-Super Bowl, worked perfectly.

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My recording of this is us failed for some reason. No biggie, I may/must have done something wrong.

The wife will just catch using PlayStation Vue tonight.

You mean I missed the Superbowl? Oh well. It didn’t seem to have affected me.

I’ve been having some other recording issues so in order to help isolate potential causes I tuned the main TV to NBC (which we’ve been having pixelization issues with) about 2PM and just let it go live. Watched all the pre-game stuff and the entire game with zero issues. If nothing else it seems to have confirmed the pixelization issues I’ve been encountering aren’t overall reception issues for that channel.