Super Reliable - No Problems

I now consider this thing an appliance. i.e. it just works and i don’t need to think about it. I have had zero issues with tuning live tv or recording shows. Now i just need to find some new shows to watch. Any recommendations?


Agreed. Mine doesn’t miss a beat other than I sometimes can’t record a 3rd show because I’ve got a dual tuner :frowning:

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, if you’re into that kind of thing.

I am enjoying that show. I think DC Comics is trying to have a show every night of the week, as there are 4 now. (Flash, Arrow, LOT, and Supergirl). My Tablo is recording all 4. :slightly_smiling:


I agree. Great dvr

If you include DC’s Vertigo imprint, there is also Lucifer and iZombie. I, personally, miss Constantine and wish the CW would bring it back. Leave it to NBC to show no love for genre fiction.

Lots of good outside the box stuff on PBS.

Just binge watched the episodes of Superstore this weekend. If you’ve ever worked a retail job, you’ll enjoy it.

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I have heard good things about that show, I think I will need to check it out.

@getcashmoney - The lead is America Ferrera (from Ugly Betty) who does an awesome job as a staffer just trying to juggle her job, school and home life and Mark McKinney (from Kids in the Hall) plays the goofy store manager who is always trying to pray at staff meetings. Great supporting cast too.