Super Girl New Series -- What do you think?

Watch the first episode last night from my PLEX. Didn’t bother to play it on the projector, just my 4K monitor. I like the innocence portrayed by the girl playing the part of Super Girl. Reminded me alot of my youngest daughter. Story line was interesting, but way to early to say good or bad yet for me.

Anyone else watch it?


I have it recorded, but I haven’t watched it yet. Hope to do it today or tomorrow.

Two weeks ago, I set up Tablo to record all new episodes, but had to watch the premier live because of the anticipation. I grew up reading the superhero comics, watching George Reeves play Superman, saw Chris Reeve’s 4 Superman films, The Dean Cain Lois and Clark series, Smallville, and the Helen Slater film Supergirl (Dean Caine and Helen Slater had small parts in last night’s episode, btw).

Given all that, I have to say that I really like the new Supergirl series… the premier had an almost film like quality to it, They covered the backstory well, and had great villains, which exposed her vulnerability. With a really good cast of supporting characters, I’m hoping the series lasts.

I thought it was a little slow and the special effects were lackluster but an ok storyline. Had my son watch a preview and he did so we watched it together and he liked it a lot more than I did. We’ll at least watch the next one.

I finally saw it this morning, and I did really like it. My main complaint is that it went a bit too fast. In one episode, you get the whole origin story, you find out about two secret groups, and her identity is already revealed to quite a few people. :open_mouth:

I do appreciate a TV show where people actually communicate with each other and not hide secrets. There are way too many movies and TV shows where everyone has a secret, and not telling those secrets hurts others and creates a lot of misunderstandings.

If they can keep the villains interesting, it should be a multi-season show.

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IMHO, the writing for the show is really poor. It’s sort of like: hey it’s about a superhero therefore we don’t have to hire good writers.

Can only get better. Hopefully it will.

Watched episode 2 last night. I liked it. Seems to be going in a good direction to me. What I hope doesn’t happen is romantic involvements. Always takes the wind out of the sails when TV Shows get to mushy. Much more interest in fighting bad guys and well thought out scripts that make good use of the talents abilities that “add” to the shows overall quality and make-believability (I know it not a word).


It’s entertaining and has potential. We shall see…

My issue with it so far is that the protoganists are just too good, too genuine, too wholesome. I admit, this makes for good family programming with young kids - everything is bright and hopeful and full of potential. But it doesn’t have the depth for me as an adult viewer as do shows like Arrow - where the hero is flawed and makes mistakes and does so on purpose because the consequences are worth it to him - he constantly sacrifices a piece of himself for his agenda. Or Constantine, where his flaws are exactly what make him a hero. Or Gotham, which is constantly trying to rise out of darkness and keeps getting pulled back down.

I am not saying that it should be dark like those shows. Flash seems to do a good job of keeping a brighter outlook - but it still has its complexities (Wells being both mentor/savior to Barry and his arch nemesis - at the same time). Supergirl so far has been too simple. There is good and there is evil and the lines are clear and distinct. No gray area. The only flaws Supergirl has are played to the positive (modesty/lack of self confidence/inexperience as being innocent and genuine). Of course, it is early in the series at this point, but it is hard to see the show being able to embrace such ambiguities without sacrificing its more wholesome tone, and I am not sure it should try to do that. Which just means, this show probably is targeting a different audience than the one I belong to.

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