Super bowl was not available on Fox 11 in 92614 area code

Although the program was listed in the Tablo guide for channel 11-1 (Fox), it was not broadcasted. Some movie was on during this time. Same thing happened for World Cup Soccer (all games including the final). The program was listed in the Tablo guide for the channel, but it was not available, and something else was playing during that time. Anyone else had this issue? Any ideas how to resolve it?

Titan TV Shows Fox11 with Super Bowl LVII for that timeslot. You might call or email the TV station to see if they have issues…

You might also do a channel rescan to see if they changed up any of the RF frequencies.

I had done the rescan during World Cup Soccer with no luck. I have no idea who to call or email. Can Tablo TV help? Thanks.

For example, according to the Tablo TV guide, Sports Wrap should be on, but it is actually showing The Big Bang Theory! The same show is also playing for channel 13-1. (fyi - I just did the complete rescan).

It looks like you were tuning into 13-1 both during the World Cup and last night, since 13-1 was the only subchannel on that station that was showing a movie during the Super Bowl.

Were you able to resolve the problem?

No! I was not tuning into 13-1. I was tuning into “11-1” both times and last night when I took the screenshot. I tested both channels and both were playing the same show. No resolution so far. It appears to be either the station/channel issue or Tablo TV issue. @TabloTV Please work with the station and resolve the issue. Thanks.

I followed these steps, and it appears to have resolved the issue:

  1. Using the interface, unselect channel 11-1 > Add to Guide.
  2. Hard reset Tabo DVR (using the button on the back of the Tablo). Wait for it to be online.
  3. Using the interface, rescan channels > Select channel 11-1 > Add to Guide.
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