Super Bowl, This is Us - BEWARE of the default times!

CST, the Super Bowl shows an end time of 9:00p. This is Us shows a start time of 9:15. If recording both shows, you need to program to cover the gap.


I just extended This Is Us by two hours to be safe. I am not worried about it starting early.

Same here, wife said she might not be able to stay awake for the whole thing.

Set to start on time because the super bowl normally runs long. And end 3 hours later. Hope it works…

I set mine up to start 10 minutes early and end 3 hours late, just to give it a test. No danger of not being able to stay up to watch it… PST time zone here :slight_smile:

It appears to have failed for me.
I selected “This is us” to extend recording by 3 hours.
It failed, and only recorded the standard recording time.

I set it for 2 extra hours, and it recorded correctly (3 hours total).

I set This is Us to record 3 extra hours and it recorded correctly.