Sunsetting Commercial Skip For New Customers

Customer service? Giving users one last change… just in case. The service isn’t discontinuing, just new subscriptions, so why not grab a few more if they can? as noted - it’s money.

Well not 100%… . I sometimes get fooled by thumbnails of ads or even the program.

Yes, but you always get to where you want to and never miss any of the TV Show. And it’s satisfying with little to no frustration. Keep it simple.

Many (possibly even most) of us bought our Tablo’s before commercial skip was even a feature. I’m not so sure it’s going to end the company. They have more significant challenges ahead then this.


Do I understand correctly? One Tablo attached to a South facing antenna and one attached to an antenna facing a different direction? Had you tried two antennas connected to one Tablo? The set up is a little more complicated then a single antenna. The antenna wiring has to be matched to avoid signals canceling each other out out but it’s not rocket science either. It’s a fairly common set up in some little towns around me.

Oh, so interesting. I actually don’t watch my Tablo (or anything really) too much any longer, but LOVE having it there trustily recording for me, distributing live TV around my devices, and being available if I think to watch PGA from a restaurant one weekend afternoon, so I’ll totally keep the comskip service as long as they allow it.

But from the “learn more” page: " What new features will Tablo be working on instead?
We do not share our roadmap publicly for competitive reasons, but we do have several exciting projects underway or in the planning stages."

Downloads anyone? Yes? Downloads? Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:


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As a current subscriber to Commercial Skip, does the subscription continue follow the customer (me) or my Tablo?
If I purchase a new Tablo after the “sun sets” on Commercial Skip, will that new Tablo be able to use the CS subscription I’ve already got?

I have two from when I had indoor antennas and they had to be on different ends of the house and different floors to get their respective signals. When I switched to outdoor antennas I already had the two tablos so there was no need to use a combiner. Which I actually do have (somewhere) because the one indoor set needed multiple antennas to get the signal of the channel I wanted. One in the bottom window and the other on the top. That channel was the whole point of getting a tablo for that direction in the beginning and the funny thing is its the channel that occasionally gets mislabeled during a rescan as an ION station instead of CW.

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I will miss Commercial Skip. For me it’s been worth the $20/yr to continue with its’ development.

Like many on these forums, I was part of the initial testing of Commercial Skip. It’s come a long way from those early days, but it was never “perfect”.

As with many early adopters of new technology, we get into this mindset, the appreciation for “this is so much better than what we had before”, that we tend to overlook any quirks or idiosyncrasies of the technology. We learn to work within the limitations of the technology.

But, new comers to the technology, just expect it to work as described or advertised. Their expectations are high and when things don’t work, they typically will move on to something else.

In my opinion…
I believe the advertising for Commercial Skip was overly ambitious. It was not clear to the consumer that this feature was not “perfect”. Add to this the annual cost for this “imperfect feature” and people just weren’t interested.
I believe that there were lost opportunities and disappointed customers because of this.

CS has always been a bit disappointed. When it worked, it was great. But, then there were those other times that it didn’t work so great or at all.

I was disappointed when the subscription fees came about. I told myself that those fees were to continue product development and to pay for the infrastructure needed to support CS. I guess the number of subscriptions and the fees collected were not sufficient to keep developing this product.


As pointed out it’s a back and fourth struggle. It was never going to be perfect. I like the feature but I often turn it off and used the marks commercial skip makes as a guide rather then have it skip automatically.

My number one reason for not trying Commercial Skip was from my experience with a (popular) purchased video processing program that included commercial removal. So frustrating and was so hit or miss. Worked great at times then randomly would completely miss all commercials for a 30 minute show. I just didn’t want to risk souring our enjoyment of Tablo. And manually skipping through commercials was no problem for us.

My recollection is that TiVO took another approach for commercial skip, where they took advantage of a sort of crowdsourcing… they’d keep track of users fast-forwarding through commercials, and used that information for later viewers to implement commercial skip for them. Maybe the back end processing requirements are a little less intensive, as the viewers are doing the heavy lifting. I haven’t used TiVO since the very early days, so I don’t have direct experience with how their take on commercial skip worked out, but if it worked well, maybe it’s worth exploring on the Tablo.

Someone here said Tivo had people processing commercial skip but I never looked in to what they were doing. They may have been referring to the process you were talking about.

This article from 2019 seems to imply they employ both automated processes and human curation and that as a result, at least back then, it was from primetime shows only…

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Our Tablo channel lineup is only set to watch/record the primary networks of NBC, CW, ABC, FOX and CBS. A total of 6 saved channels which also includes PBS. There are no saved sub-channels mostly due to low resolution and no interest in rerun programming. ACS works great on the primaries. It would be nice if the feature be continued only for the primary networks which would likely reduce the overall internal feature costs while keeping the same nominal yearly price point. Alternately, I wouldn’t mind paying more for the same level of ACS service. If the feature is sunset for all users at a future point, I do not look forward to picking up the remote every 10 minutes to fast forward through commercials and will likely tire of it and just let them play through.


So very disappointing, I really like commercial skip and would gladly pay more than $20 a year for it, IF they just added a feature to set a time of day for it to upload / download the information…

My internet is too slow to handle it during prime time and the rest of the family still be able to function.

I did at one time set up the Tablo under my routers parental controls and block its internet access until the middle of the night, but sometimes the Tablo would update once it was reconnected and sometimes it wouldn’t. I may still try that again though before they take it away.

What are your thoughts on “Sunsetting Commercial Skip For New Customers”? select all that apply
  • I like CS and I am concerned they will sunset it for all customers
  • I like CS and I would pay more for the service to continue
  • I tried CS and it’s not for me
  • I’ve never tried CS and I won’t miss it if it is gone
  • I’ve never tried CS but I would like to try
  • I am concerned with Tablo’s viability if they cannot make CS successful
  • CS is too expensive

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Where is the checkbox that says it’s tablo’s business decision and no CS I’m moving on?

Actually, I know some people at Tivo. They told me that selected people actually marked the commercials in some primetime programs. Because the marking was manual, it was more accurate. Also because it was manual, only certain primetime programs had commercial skip on Tivo.

I use TabloTV as a tuner with NextPVR so new users could just use standard comskip like I do.