Suggestion for marking "watched"

We have a large busy household. I would like to suggest that under the watched tag you could say who watched it maybe be able to set up initials or something so I can say yes F watched it or aR watched it or P watched it; so you could tell who has watched it so that when the last member of the household who likes that series has finished watching they can see that everyone else has already watched it and go ahead and delete it .

Or, even better – everyone in your family may be interested in setting up their own account at (I am NOT affiliated with the site!) I use TV Maze to track stuff like that & rate shows.

Another idea is to have a shared Google Spreadsheet that everyone can access – add your initials to any show (row in the spreadsheet) you’ve watched.

Honestly, this sort of task is better left outside of the Tablo.

This feature has been suggested before. But since any kind of UI change takes forever to do, I would not expect this feature for several years.

Thank goodness you didn’t say, “I would not expect this feature for several decades.”

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That would be a collossally bad idea. It needs to be all in one place in order to have everyone use it and be of any use at all. It has to be convenient and in the same place as your watching the show.

I honestly don’t think it is Tablo’s job to keep track of who has watched what. Does any other DVR do this? (doubt it)

I offered two alternative ideas that are available today – the Google Spreadsheet would meet your requirements:

  1. that everything (all user input) needs to be in one place
  2. that everyone has access to it (shared spreadsheet)
  3. available in the same place as you’re watching the show (tablet or laptop in the TV room?)

If Tablo builds it for you, I can only imagine it will be a source of headache for the developers.

Good luck with your request, though.