Suddenly Tablo 4chan won't record like it used to

I’ve been using this 4-channel unit since mid-2017. I do not have a subscription. I have set manual recurring timers to record, for example, some of the late shows (since I can’t stay up that late in my old age :slight_smile: ) on weeknights.

Suddenly in January 2020 this no longer works. But here is the MYSTERY: If I create a non-recurring timer off the live grid, next day I find it has worked. If I do the exact same thing but select multiple days, it doesn’t work.

Of course I rebooted with the button and I rebooted by powering off for 15 seconds. I deleted all the timers and created new ones. The disk is a 1 TB WD Elements and has 811 GB available. No changes to my network infrastructure.

PS: I just discovered firmware wasn’t latest; 2.2.26 is downloading now. Hope that’s it.

Which Tablo app were you using, and are you seeing the same behaviour since updating to 2.2.26?

Hi, everything’s working fine now with the 2.2.26. Using the Roku app.