Suddenly stuck at "Repairing Hard Drive"

Everything was perfect, and then one day, about a week ago, it wasn’t! Settings menu suddenly displaying “Repairing Hard Drive,” and drive never seems to return to action.

Using a 1Tb WD Elements drive bought specifically because it is supported, Tablo device is on 2.2.6.

I finally did try a reset of the Tablo, seemed to make some progress, but now back to where I was. Any suggestions? Thanks!

@sbweissman - The support team would be happy to give you a hand with this. Please drop us a line:

I actually did this on Friday. Shall I do it again? I don’t want to create two tickets if one will do. :slight_smile:

@sbweissman - Nope - if there’s a ticket they’ll get to it. We’re usually a bit busy on Mondays because of the backup from the weekend. They’ll be in touch shortly!

Ah! Makes sense. Just thought I’d pick the community’s collective mind in the meanwhile. Thanks!

Hopefully you fair better than I did. I got that same message last week. My WD Elements 2TB is now toast. I can’t format it on a PC either. I realize drives die, so I put a new Seagate Backup Plus Slim 2TB on it, and it seemed OK for a day or so. Then I saw that my recording were chopped into several segments ( multiple recordings for the same time listed under “Recordings” ). So, I put the drive on a HUB, and that worked ( I wasn’t sure if the Tablo would recognize a HUB, but it did ), and it seems fine now. I entered a ticket last Tuesday, and did get a response asking me to put the Tablo in heartbeat mode. I couldn’t do right then because I was at work, but did it later. I have emailed a few more times, but haven’t heard anything more. I guess they are still busy. It is presently in heartbeat mode. I’m still scared that the Tablo is going to do the same thing to the Seagate as it did to the WD. Good Luck !!!

@kkoceski - Since you emailed a couple of times that may have been the reason why we haven’t replied yet. When you reply to a ticket that we haven’t processed yet, it puts you at the back of the queue. Something to keep in mind.

I can understand that. How should I interact to communicate that I have turned heartbeat mode on ? The Tablo is in the bedroom, and there’s no way heartbeat is going on all night. So I turn it off at night, and try to remember to turn it back on in the morning before I leave for work - Thanks !

@kkoceski - You can reply once but replying more than once will boot you to the back of the line. When you say, “I emailed a few more times…” I assume you replied several times after that first reply without having us touch base with you with results from the heartbeat mode diagnostic.

Yes, that’s true. I wanted to inform you that I had turned heartbeat off, that I had the new drive on, that I had tried to format the original drive and that it was no longer connected. The initial response indicated that you already knew about the new drive being installed ( even without heartbeat mode ), so I’m impressed - cool stuff. I also wanted to let you know about the HUB being in place ( does that present a barrier to you ? ). Then I also felt obligated to let you know that I had turned heartbeat mode back on again.

So, OK, sorry about the string of emails - I didn’t know about your - :slight_smile: - Soup Nazi Policy :smile:
At least I didn’t get “No Support for You !”. Can I please move up in line now - pretty please.

@kkoceski - We really don’t want to be nazis, but that’s just the way the system works unfortunately. :frowning:

I’ll let the team know that you’ve inadvertently moved yourself down in the queue.

Thanks ! I hope you know that I was worried you took my humor the wrong way…

@kkoceski - Haha, just chatted with the support team. They’re aware of your inadvertent queue mishap so they’ll look at things for you shortly.

May I ask what happened when you plug the drive into a PC? Did you hear/feel the spinning? When I plugged my Western Digital USB drive (that was previously used by Tablo) into my PC, nothing popped up. I had to go into Computer Management->Disk Management, locate the drive (recognized as “Disk x”), delete the partition, re-create the partition all over, and then format - then the drive is all good again.

Hi kamy2015,
Yeah, it seems to spin up OK. I had already done exactly what you suggested with no joy. I even tried to create a “Simple Volume” of only 1/2 of it, thinking I could maybe use 1TB out of the 2TB with no success. But thanks for your suggestion.

So, the verdict from Tablo Support is probably a bad cable. So, I’ve ordered the MonoPrice cable they recommended. In the meantime the HUB connection appears to be working fine and dandy.

My assessment of my situation is that my original WD Elements 2TB failed - drives just do that some times. The Seagate Backup Plus Slim 2TB had a bad cable and displayed similar symptoms as the WD. So, I got worried that the Tablo was doing something bad to my drives - I think that’s understandable, but ultimately unfounded.

Now my faith and confidence in TabloTV is fortified & bolstered. It’s time to be happy at the camp !


kamy2015: This is what I am getting now :