Suddenly Lost some Channels

Greetings, everyone.

Over the past couple of days I’ve suddenly started seeing that some channel’s signals are too weak. Nothing has changed in my setup and configuration (that I know of) and today when I did a new channel scan I went from getting 16ish channels (including sub-channels) to 88 channels. In fact I lost the ABC affiliate altogether.

Yesterday I power cycled my Tablo and made sure the coax connections inside the house were tight. I’ve also made sure there are no trees in the line of sight. Should I get up on the roof to make sure the connections are all tight up there? What other trouble shooting steps can I take?

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You may need to repoint the antenna. Get your compass and bearings you will need.

Several things could have an effect on reception:

  1. Repack - stations are behind due to Covid-19 and other factors, and the station could be on a temporary lower power.
  2. Weather - during summer/winter months, or when storms or wind is blowing, it can have an effect on reception - especially for fringe channels.
  3. Repair/maintenance of TV towers.

First thing - call and/or email the station to see if something they are doing is having the problem.

If they are not, then make a log as to when the channel is falling out. I lose channel 14 in Austin during the summer (June-September) quite often due to tropospheric propagation (in the old days - we called it “skipping”). Basically what happens is the hot/cold layers of the atmosphere cause a signal to bounce. Channel 14 out of Houston (200+ miles away) will come in clear on many nights here - especially when temps are over 100 during the day and under 80 at night here. On these nights, I pickup channels from both Houston & San Antonio, and lose a couple of channels here in the Austin area - as competing channels will “cancel each other out” (in the old days, they “ghosted” images over each other).

Normally, I get 42 channels, when the weather is just right, I have picked up over 70 channels (Austin, Houston & San Antonio Markets). Of course, they don’t last very long, and the next day by 10:00AM, they are back to normal 42 channels.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Figured it out. Ha! My neighbors connected to the antenna and disconnected my coax because he didn’t know I was using it. We’re getting a signal splitter today to get the signal to all of our units.