Successful Tablo use while on vacation!

I live in Ajax (near Toronto) and just got back from a week on the East coast (New Brunswick).

We brought an iPad and 17" Mac book Pro (plus two iPhone 5). The iOS devices have the APP installed. The MBP uses the web app.

I made sure to connect with each one at home. And was pleasantly surprised that all of them worked PERFECT over the WiFi where we were staying.

On my MBP I was confused about the Time Zone change. That is, the Guide displays using the local time zone of my MBP. Once I switched my computer to Atlantic Time, all of the show times updated and made sense again.

We watched Live TV, recorded programs, and scheduled some programs for recording that we forgot we would miss while driving.

My only (hindsight obvious glitch) was I updated the Tablo app on my iPhone 5 - and lost access to my Tablo! I guess the update clears the connection cert. Thankfully I tested out the update on my phone first, so my Wife’s iPad was not affected. Now that we are home, we can re-connect after the update.

All in All I consider this a total success! I’m very happy with my Tablo!



Glad to hear it Rich!

Hope you had a great trip. Any pictures to share?

The most recent iPhone update actually required connecting to the Tablo like it was connecting the first time the iPhone had seen the Tablo. So the update didn’t ‘break’ the Tablo Connect pairing, rather it clear the database on your phone and required a sync from scratch.

This has never worked for me when I am away … I still think a “login option” should be made available.


That’s unfortunate - have you ever gotten Tablo Connect to work at home when using your LTE / 3G?

Yes but the primary problem is I generally dont watch the TABLO on mobile devices (more so my ipad and even less my iphone) (most of the time we are using our ROKU devices to view programming) so unless I remember to start up the app and go thru the laborious sync process before I leave It wont work once I am at my destination… and occasionally even when I have done all that sometimes it just simply fails to connect for whatever reasons (hotel wifi blocks the port, or say the TABLO decided to somehow disable “TABLO CONNECT/remote access” … which happens from time to time randomly without any real warning or notice or reason.

If you are an occasional “casual” mobile viewer of content the current setup is a bit painful unless you constantly remember to run the app on your mobile device from time to time even if you dont actually plan on viewing anything … (this seems tedious and unnecessary to me)