Subtitles scrambled up

Any ideas why subtitles are so scramble up?

Real time signal subtitles are OK.


I have noticed this issue with recordings and Live TV, closed captions sometimes work and other times are random text.

Closed Captioning is still in BETA

Yep - the CC feature is still in beta, but we’ve been collecting some ‘field data’ for a while now and hope to improve the experience soon.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Watched Grimm the other night… turned on CC to not disturb the person next to me.

Every other word was “Grimm”.


“Why are Grimmyou even waGrimmtching this showGrimm. It Grimmreally isn’t very good. GrimmWouldn’t you ratGrimmher be readinGrimmg a good Grimmbook?”

@cedarrapidsboy, GrimmIt seems GrimmFine to GrimmMe :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL, but yes I saw this on Grimm also