Subscription question

I am considering letting my trial subscription lapse so I can see how Tablo works without a subscription.  Will that impact any of my recorded shows?

I am 99% sure I will end up getting a subscription, just want to see what Tablo is like without in case I can get by without it.  Tablo seems great, but I am wrestling with the choice of 1. no subscription, 2. annual, 3. lifetime.  

I would go lifetime without hesitation if the technology weren’t so new.  Hard to imagine what the world of OTA dvr will be like in 3 years.  Part of me sees some giant like Apple buying Tablo and merging the technology into Apple TV to create an all-in-one (OTA plus online channels plus streaming device) platform leaving my lifetime subscription worthless…

It won’t impact any recordings, but it will delete all your schedules.  You will have to use manual recordings from that point on.

Does the live TV guide data for 14 days mean I should be able to scroll the live TV grid over and see listings for 14 days?  I only see 24 hours on the live TV channel grid matrix.  If I go to Movies, Primetime or TV shows and click on a show icon it lists episodes for 14 days so that piece is working.  Not sure if the TV guide type grid is supposed to be able to scroll out for 14 days or just 24 hours.  I'm guessing it is just 24 hours there.

The FAQ for Tablo says: Your Tablo Guide Data Subscription gives you the ability to watch Tablo OTA DVR content remotely using the Tablo Connect feature. It also gives you access to live TV guide data for your area 14 days in advance as well as smart recording features including the ability to set recordings by series, season, and new episodes only.

I was hesitant at first too. What made the tripping point to get lifetime for me was the continued forum communication and device updates. 2½ years payback is a lifetime in the fast paced technology field. I however value the the benefit of the guide knowing what programs are new and not having half my recordings worthless re-runs. I was afraid Netflix would buy Tablo out. Don’t think that will happen because Netflix wouldn’t want to back stab content providers that they generally have a good working relationship with. Amazon could be the wild card. Apple is too proud of their product and closed ecosystem. And all know dealing with consumers and sketchy off air reception is not fun. I have pity for the Tablo team dealing with customers thinking their coat hanger antenna works for one channel, it should work for all of them.

Correct the Live TV grid is 24 hours only. You can search shows up to 14 days using Primetime, etc.

So thus the guide data is there for 14 days. Just differences in how it is presented.

Thanks everyone!  Just went ahead and took the leap for a lifetime subscription and I’ll hope that 2-3 years from now Tablo is going stronger than ever.  Hope my $150 helps them grow :slight_smile:

Great, I’m sure they love the support.

Thanks @mgloney - We definitely appreciate your support :) 

Tried to buy a subscription but after entering all my card info the submit button was grayed out. Frustrated again.

Try notifying your credit card issuer and explain to them that you are making a $150 purchase in CANADA and it should work.  Lots of card issuers require travel notice now days.  You are purchasing from Canada and it is over $100 so they didn’t question it.  I don’t know what my credit card will do if I did the lifetime fee.  I’m doing the $5 monthly and they didn’t question it.  But then again if it was not really me, it wouldn’t have been that much.

Had to reconnect before submitting card info.

I had let the free trial expire then upon subscribing my scheduled recordings were intact, just FYI.

The recordings will definitely be intact.  But were your schedules intact?