Subscription on Xbox One

Having an issue with my Tablo application on the Xbox one showing subscription information. I had to update the device subscription online to a new unit but the Xbox app didn’t change. Questing it might be a different server servicing those units, strange. Also my android app on my Sony TV works fine. Hum…

Delete the Tablo app from the Xbox One. Reboot Xbox. Install app again.

Yeah this is an Xbox one specific problem. None of our units work and reboots/App removals don’t help. With check the Mi box in a few but I’m guessing it will be fine.

Opened a support case since my test with an additional xbox failed and all of my android and web enabled devices are working fine. Supper annoying since the xbox is our main interface for the service.

Apparently this is expected behavior on the Xbox one. Why release software that isn’t fully functional. Dissatisfied to say the least!

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