Subscription clarification

If you order a lifetime subscription, is that for the lifetime of the account or just the device?  From reading some of the comments here, it sounds like you just have one subscription per account.  If true, then can I buy a lifetime subscription and just upgrade and/or add Tablos for as long as I want with no new subscription costs?

Yes siree!

We didn’t want a Tablo subscription to be stingy or annoying so on any subscription, even monthly, you can add as many Tablo units as you’d like or change your Tablo unit at any time. 

So if you really want you can:
  • Run an array of 1000 Tablos (… this might be kind of hard on your home network though…) :) 
  • Upgrade your 2 Tuner Tablo to a 4 Tuner Tablo or any conceivable future Tablo that we haven’t even dreamed up yet

Cool, thanks for the reply!

I still plan on waiting for my year to be up before committing to the lifetime subscription, but it very likely I will do so based on this info.  

No problem @snowcat - that’s why we’re offering at least a month of free subscription so people can see what they’re getting for their money. Since you have the benefit of a year, take your time :)