Submit app / port / common signature data to firewall providers

This request is more administrative - could you register with some of the larger “application-based” firewall providers, so that they can properly identify Tablo traffic on a network?  

In my specific use case it’s an employer using a Palo Alto application-based firewall solution.  It doesn’t know what Tablo traffic is, and as such it’s blocked.  However, if the firewall could properly identify the traffic, it would be categorized as entertainment/streaming/whatever, and would sail through just like Tivo or Slingbox traffic does.  Such a request, being for non-enterprise data, wouldn’t be honored by the organization in terms of creating a custom rule…but if it were to come down in a standard definitions update from the vendor it’d be just fine.

For Palo Alto, the details for contacting them to provide identifying data is here: - I’m sure that such a process could be done with others like F5, Barracuda, etc.

Thank you for your consideration!