Stuttering problem

Just got Tabol. Recordings stutter badly. I have it set up with WiFi; Ethernet not an option. Live TV not a problem; only recordings. Play back on iPhone not a problem. It only occurs when steaming to AppleTV using AirPlay from iPhone.

Any ideas on a fix?

How does other non Tablo video Airplay from your phone?

If playback on phone doesn’t stutter the problem lies between the phone and aTV. Perhaps the video format from Tablo is gumming up the works somehow? Perhaps too much bandwidth required to both send the video to your phone from Tablo and then to your aTV using the same wifi?

But I’d restart all of the Apple devices and test your Airplay with video directly stored on your phone to better pinpoint what’s going on here.

Steaming works just fine steaming anything else from iPhone to AppleTV using AirPlay. Only occurs with Tablo.

Without Ethernet cable Tablo must send video to your router via wifi and then to your phone via wifi and finally Airplay uses the same wifi (I presume?) to transmit the video to aTV.

The odd thing is that you’re not experiencing stuttering when viewing live TV? Recordings only, correct?

Maybe it has something to do with the recording quality as opposed to streaming quality setting in the iPhone Tablo app? Try reducing the recording quality and see if those recordings exhibit the same stuttering issue?

‘Sorry not more help but consider opening a support ticket? Trouble is, being a Friday I doubt you’ll receive any official support help until next week. However, it doesn’t hurt to try and at least get your request into cue.

@Willie_30084 - Definitely agree with trying a different recording quality. Note - this will only affect NEW recordings and live TV, not old recordings.

And by all means, our support team is happy to troubleshoot. We’re actually doing quite well on our turnaround time so you should hear back today:

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