Stutter when watching recording on Roku

I noticed on my Roku 2’s that everytime I click on a recording to watch, it starts playing, then after 5s or so, it rebuffers, and plays the same 5s again. After that it continues normally.

Not a big issue, just wondering if this is a known bug or not?

Running wifi but router is right next to Roku. Also I have the 2 tuner, latest firmware (24 version).


Known issue with some Rokus.

Fix: go to settings on the web app and uncheck Fast Live TV Startup.

So like others, I have this issue on live tv even though Tablo and Roku 3 are wired to router with a 22Mbps download speed. I have unchecked the Fast Live TV Startup  which fixes the initial stutter. My question is why won’t Fast Live work on wired, reasonably fast connection. Is this an issue with the Roku3? Hard drive? Something else? I would like to use Fast Live if possible. Shouldn’t this work on a fast wired connection?