Stuck on 'Connecting... Establishing websocket connection'

I am in the testing phase of 'cutting the cord'.  I am currently weaning the family off of cable through alternate on-demand programming.

I got my Tablo set up last night, tested viewing TV and tested recording a show/playback and everything was working great from the web browser.

This morning, I was testing Tablo functionality through my Roku LT.  It was working great and then after 10 minutes a 'Loading' screen popped up with a progress bar that was not progressing.  No more TV.  After about 5 minutes, I clicked the home button on the Roku and went back into the Roku app.  I chose the Tablo device from the selection screen.  Then it would get stuck on the 'Establishing websocket connection' step:

To see if the issue was limited to the Roku, I tried from my PC and had the same issue with the process stuck at 'Connecting... Establishing websocket connection'

Is this some unrecoverable error by which I just need to reset the device?  Is it safe to just unplug it and retry when this happens?  Did a bug in the Roku app cause the problem by chance?  Has anyone else seen this?

If it helps, here's some more info...

Tablo is wired to a Gigabit router.  Roku is wireless to same router.    PC is wireless to same router.  Entire internal wired network is Gigabit.

Were you using IE on your PC?   That is what IE does, so you have to use another browser (Chrome is the best, but Safari and Firefox should both work).

I was using Firefox on the PC.  It worked fine last night.

Firefox has been hit or miss for me, depending on what changes they make.

Tablo is “only” compatible with Chrome and Safari for now.

I understand, but I'm having the same result with the Roku app.  If I was having a problem only on the PC, it would make sense that I'd just use Chrome or Safari and the problem would be solved. 

The problem began while I was watching through the Roku early this morning.  Prior to that, even earlier this morning the Tablo worked great with Firefox just as it did last night.  I was able to run everything but the playback controls (ff/rw/pause) effectively using Firefox.

The 'Establishing websocket connection' message first appeared in the Roku Tablo app once I began using the Tablo app on the Roku. 

Since I'm seeing consistency with the issue across devices, I'm thinking I need to reset the unit when this happens?

I rebooted it and everything is fine now.  Something similar happened on the Roku LT after the Tablo reboot by which it went to the ‘Loading…’ screen after a couple of minutes of viewing live content.  This time, I was able to use the ‘<-’ button on the Roku remote and choose the station again to resume watching.  It might be the Roku unit I’m using is one of the older unsupported types but I was able to watch TV all morning on this unit without a problem.