Strong signal doesn't make a difference

I have rescanned channels over and over, moved the antenna to different places, but this is what happens. The listing of the channels indicate the strongest signal, all green dots, but when I watch live or record, many of these stations still break up constantly and some recordings quit because it says 'signal is weak." Why is there such a discrepancy between what the Table app and what I actually get. I use a Roku box to watch TV.

Try removing the hard drive, then rebooting your Tablo. Then play live TV; do you have the same issues with pixelation?

I tried that today. No difference. Channels listed as strong break up every few seconds.

If you have an amplifier attached to your antenna, it’s possible the signal is too strong. Try removing it. I have an attic antenna with no amplifier pulling in a TV station ~40 miles away with no issues.

@landous Makes a good point, the amp (if you have one) could be overdriving the tuners making some bad signals look good. Don’t hesitate to touch base with our support team!

Things got worse. Now the Tablo pages on my computer are blank. Channels listed but no programs, Click on it and says channel doesn’t exist. Guide is blank too. I’ve tried deleting the cookies and starting again; rebooting the Tablo, rebooting the router. Getting nowhere.

Okay. I upgraded my router to WPA security. Then I trashed all the Tablo apps, set it back to factory default. When there still was no guide, I changed my location to a neighboring town and the guide started downloading. For the time being it’s working again, but I still don’t know if it’s going to keep breaking up. Time will tell.

You’re running the newest firmware 2.2.14?

You probably already did the following but as nobody has mentioned it yet, have you considered:

1) Removing all amps and splitters and connecting a TV (or the Tablo) directly to see if the problem still exists? This can help isolate where the problem is.

If you get consistent quality on the affected channel, it might be something in your set-up. If you get intermittent quality, it may be something to do with the transmission.

Transmission problems could be some sort of interference (trees, weather, maybe a cell antenna has gone up near you with close frequencies).

Others have talked about set-up issues (the booster overdriving the signal too much, etc.)

I am running the newest firmware. Now that I got the guide back and working again, I’m going to see what the next few days bring. I had tried removing the amp a long time ago, but I lost most of the stations I had been getting. Does anyone know if my changing my router to WPA from WEP would improve the signal?

Router signal encryption won’t change WiFi signal strength.
The stronger encryption method, WPA, will cause additional overhead over WEP.
However, this overhead is typically negligible.