Stretch / expand 480i

Is there any way to expand/stretch 480i on Apple TV?

I’m not sure if using the correct words aspect ratio?

Aspect ratio control capability is built into the ATV video player controls. However, Tablo has not implemented those features (yet?).

Your TV set may have settings that will allow you to do this. On Roku, there is a setting as well, but don’t know about ATV.

Many TV’s have this option. Check your TV manual. Personally I don’t like it. Distorts the picture making everyone look like fat faced overweight dwarfs.

Yah thats what I thought… I know I could pick up the other remote but its a pain.

That feature should be built in no?

The functionality is accessible in the code. Whether or not developers utilize it is up to them. We can only hope that the Tablo will get it at some point.