Streaming via web browswer not working?

Does anyone else have issues w/ streaming live/recorded tv via a web broswer? I just bought a 4 tuner TabloTV, hard wired to a gigabit router, works great via my roku3 to my TV. Im at work now and just trying to stream live TV and watch recorded programs via the web app (paired my work laptop, so it finds the Tablo no issues), and it just hangs when I click on a channel to watch live TV. When I go to recorded programs, I can see the tiles for the shows that I have, but when I click them, nothing happens. Ideas? Thoughts?

  1. What browser are you using? It should be Chrome to access the website.
  2. Did you try playing Live TV or Recordings when connected locally at home? This is probably best to check first as some work firewalls block ports, etc. causing problems.
  3. What OS is it on the laptop?
  1. Using Firefox…wasnt aware that chrome was required.
  2. I did not, good idea.
  3. I do not think its blocked. I’ve gotten it to show up once before, so pretty sure thats not the issue.

I just tried to pull it up in Chrome…and it has to be paired w/ chome itself? ghetto. Any cookie file I can drag over or something?

No you got to pair in Chrome when at home, let us know how it goes later.

Bummer. I’ll give it a shot tomorrow, see whats up. Thanks for a couple of ideas to try.

No problem.