Streaming tablo over web apps counts against data caps?

With Comcast taking over our town’s cable contract I have a quick question about the web apps (both for the phones and PC web app.)

I know these apps have to connect to the Tablo server to function and need an Internet connect. But once I start streaming a TV show that takes place all over mu local network, right? I assume that wouldn’t count against any hard data caps that Comcast might impose on us?

Any insight from @TabloSupport of others would be apprciated.


Correct the smartphone web apps can access the Tablo offline thus will not use an active internet connection. Streaming will be over the local network.

The browser app accessed through requires an active internet connection to make the connection to the Tablo (this uses a small amount of data), however when you're streaming it is done over the local network.

If this was not the case, then the speed at which you could stream would be limited by the upload speed of your internet connection (it is not). Hope this makes sense.

Of course the Tablo itself uses the internet to download the guide data and the posters, etc. so the Tablo is not without minimal data usage. Note if you do any remote streaming (aka Tablo Connect when away from home), this will use your internet data.

Of course! I should have realized the part about the Internet limiting streaming speeds if it was using the Internet.

Thanks @theuser86 To clarify though, the smart phone web apps do need an Internet connection to work. Of course, they can use your cell phone to connect without one. 

@RFSox - @theuser86 is correct. Tablo does need an active connection to the internet to verify with our servers but once that’s completed, everything else is streamed via your local network. 

You should check out our most recent blog post for a bit more on how using Tablo vs. streaming services can actually reduce your bandwidth usage.