Streaming Subscriptions

Greetings All!

I am assuming most of us on here are cable-cutters so I wanted to set up this thread for a single place to keep a list of streaming options in addition to OTA. For example, a thread on here recently noted that Nickelodeon is launching a streaming service ( and would really love a place where people can look and see what they can stream (either free or paid subscription). Thanks in advance:

Amazon Prime Streaming
CBS All Access

I don’t know the list, but as Dish’s thingy goes live, you’ll want to add it as a line (since it’s a service) and the networks they currently make available.  Might be nice to have Free and $$ amounts/term…

@jmcharries take a look at playon's channels. All of those are freely available now to non-playon customers ;)

Sling TV

Sling TV is a subscription service?  (no hw?)  I guess I don’t know too much about the whole cord cutting universe.

Sling TV is the name of the Dish thing that you were mentioning.  It is not related to Slingbox.

:)  yeah… my bad… I did forget the name…

I found another one called “Break” that has a Roku channel and you can stream movies for free. They have about 420 movies available at the moment

Guess I forgot Crackle too, as far as free streams go. I do enjoy watching NewsRadio on that

Here’s a few that I watch along with my Tablo…
NBA Game Time (League Pass) (paid subscription)
ESPN3 (available through some internet providers and great for watching Tennis matches)

and…SlingTV when available.