Streaming simultaneously recording programs

My wife will have the TV on during the day sometimes for background noise. When it’s on a channel that I have scheduled recordings, when the recording finishes, the streaming stops and we get pushed up to the menu screen. Is this a bug or functions as designed? It would be nice for the streaming continue regardless of what channel is being recorded.

Start watching the Live TV channel before a recording begins on the same channel, then a recording won’t end your Live TV stream, otherwise, yes, it’s working as designed.

Thanks for the reply. Actually the TV gets turned on before 9 AM eastern. If turned to the local MeTV station, where I have Perry Mason set to record at 10 AM, the stream gets turned off at the end of the recording.

The design should dedicate an unused tuner for live streaming if available. If not available, then the user should be made aware. I have a four tuner system, and to date, I’ve never had a recording conflict.

So according to your definition, it’s not working as designed. However, if it is working as designed, consider this a request to change this behavior.


Are you using a Roku? It is one of the quirks of the Roku app. I am pretty sure it doesn’t happen on any other platform.

This worked for my using Rokus, as long as a tuner was available…

This will cause Live TV stream to continue even after recording on same channel ends…

  1. Live TV viewing begins (by selecting channel number, not what’s currently airing, and before recording on same channel begins).
  2. Recording on same channel begins on same channel currently being watch live).
  3. Live TV session continues even after recording on same channel ends.

Apple TV.

Start by selecting channel at least 30 minutes before recording to start.

This is a big problem for me and my wife. We like to set our four half-hour local news programs to record in case we miss them, but when we go to watch them live we have to restart the stream every 30 minutes. This is creating a serious user acceptance issue for my wife. The best solution for us would be if it would automatically switch us between tuners recording shows on the same channel, or alternatively to have a user-configurable option to use a separate tuner when watching live TV. It’s really frustrating to have to keep restarting our TV watching just because the channel is set up to be recording.

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… no…stop being that picky. -_-