Streaming on Chromecast (old thread)

What are you talking about? When I connect to my Chromecast from the Android Tablo app the Chromecast loads the Tablo app. It shows Tablo on the screen and loads the stream I send it just like Netflix or Plex. I can then shut off my wifi on the phone or pull the battery and the video keeps playing on the Chromecast.

I will take your word as to that being how the chromecast executes, as I have no intention of buying one. I based the double dipping comment on something I had read elsewhere and took it at face value (since it made logical sense). I still stand by my comment as to wired being preferential whenever practical for a device that is streaming HD content.

I would just finish by saying I don’t think it is realistic to expect a device at the chromecast’s price point to have lightning fast performance.
(I think that type of device definitely has scenarios where it would be optimal, just not this one)

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