Streaming fails in SD? (4 year old thread)

You can run it fine in SD resolution on a Roku 1 (and 2?) using the Roku Plex app and the Plex Tablo plugin on a plex server (I’ve got plex installed on my mac to stream iTunes content).  Everything is the correct aspect ratio (4:3) and you can set it to stream in 480p or 320p to save on your home bandwidth.

So am I reading this correctly? A show recorded on the Tablo in SD can’t be played on an SD TV if the connection from the Roku to the TV has to go over a composite cable?

I am getting same error when trying to play recordings on wifi with 802.11ac router on nvidia shield. I have the Tablo Dual with latest firmware. Any idea what could cause this?

I’ve never used anything older than a Roku 2, a Roku 1 is pretty old tech to work with Tablo. I have successfully used the Roku Express+ with composite cables on analog tv. That model also has HDMI output so when the analog tv finally dies you can use it on a newer tv. Express+ Model 3910 is pretty cheap new at Walmart or less than $30 for a refurb from Amazon and comes with cables, the previous generation Express+ Model 3710 might even be cheaper.

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