Streaming error from Roku 2, Roku 3 and Chrome Web

I have had Tablo (2 Tuner model) for over a month now. In past few days, I have been getting trouble streaming any video (recorded as well as live) for more than few minutes. I get following error on Roku

Failed to Stream Video
An unknown error occurred.

When this happens it happens on both Rokus on two different TVs (2XD and 3). At the same time, the web app on Chrome also refues to stream either the live or recorded. In chrome developer tool I can see the requests like

fail and nothing works (not even the thumbnails).

Both Rokus and Tablo are connected via Ethernet. When it works, it works nicely on both rokus as well as on the computer browsers (Chrome). After this happens I usually have to hard boot the Tablo by disconnecting the power. I have also seen it reboot automatically a few times but usually it just gets stuck not being able to stream anything. I don't see any option in Settings or any other way to reboot. it would be nice to have such feature at least in Web UI.

Since it is happening on two Rokus and one the Web, it has to be TabloTV, HDD or Network. On the network side, when this problem happens, I can watch YouTube, Netflix and Amazon videos on both Rokus, so I doubt it is network. All devices are on same router. Are there any logs on Tablo that I can look at? I don't have any other spare HDD to rule that out but this happens to both live TV as well as recorded. I am not sure if the live TV also goes thru HDD but if not, it rules that out too.

Recording Quality: 720p
Tablo Device:2.1.14
HTML Application:0.9.197
Server Host:


Best guess, reboot your home router.

Could be some issue with it routing between systems in the same LAN, which is why WAN connections are still working fine. It’s a guess… but one that resolves the seemingly unexplainable issues like this, that popup from time to time.

I have already rebooted everything - Tablo, Router, both Rokus and Computers :slight_smile: There must be logs of what is going on somewhere. I wonder why the admin interface doesn’t expose those logs or something like “Developer Options” where there is more visibility to what piece of the puzzle might be the problem.

Defintiely send in a ticket to TabloSupport, and they can look into it for you.

Already did that last night. Haven’t heard back yet. Will keep posted when I hear back.

We’re looped in now - hoping to get this sorted for you quickly.