Streaming and internet requirements

Hi all, I’m an Aereo user looking for an alternative.  Just found this tablo today.  Looks amazing.  I had couple questions.

First, is recorded or live tv pushed directly to my roku via my home network, or does it use internet?

If it uses internet, how much bandwidth is used?

I assume internet is needed to add the tablo on your roku channel list, as well as would be needed to access the paid programming guide.  But I was wondering if internet is actually required beyond that, and if it would still work if ones internet was out.  Thanks!


As far as playing to your Roku goes, that is on your home network.  Beyond what you stated, adding the channels, and getting the guide info, the Roku would be divorced from the internet.

Things change a little if you decide to watch via the web app, (Especially if you decide to use it remotely), but Roku is pretty much internal, and will work minus guide info refreshing with the internet out.

Thanks jbanks. I don’t see us using the web based app, just two rokus.

This means the streaming quality would be determined strictly by your quality of router, right? As well as would NOT count toward ones monthly bandwidth cap set by their ISP, for those who have that restriction.

That’s good news.

If you are using just devices on your home network, then there is barely any internet usage (just the guide info daily).  The user also sets up the initial quality (1080p or 720p).  

There are several threads specifically about Rokus.  The Roku 3 works the best both wireless and wired.  Any Roku lower than that looks best wired directly to the router.  Also, you really need all the Rokus hooked up via HDMI to the TVs.  

Thanks snowcat.  I’m in.  Can’t wait to try it. 

I personally run a Roku 3, and a Roku 2 XS.  Both wired via Homeplug devices (Which are really popular on this site).

I’ve tried the new Roku streaming stick and found that it can’t handle the Bitrate at this time.

On the other hand the older Roku MHL streaming stick I have can (So strange)

My really old Roku XDS isn’t supported at all.

I have the Roku 3 and Roku LT (little purple one)

Wonder if it works on the LT.

Is it the Boxy LT or the more rounded one?

Your results will probably vary based on the generation on that one.  The 2nd generation without ethernet may not have the horsepower you need.  If it’s 3rd gen you may be ok without ethernet.

They all look round to me. Lol.  It’s model number is 2400X.  I was able to get the tablo channel added to it, so it should work well enough I hope. 

That one has the same chip as the MHL that I have that streams WIFI fine, so you may be ok.

Makes sense because it streams everything else fine.  It’s been wireless the entire time with no problems.  Thanks again.

I’m currently using a

Roku 1 Streaming Player (Black) (Roku 2710R)
and it works just fine. Of course at this time, I don’t have another Roku to compare it to (like a 3), but the Roku 1 is WiFi only and I’m not having any issues.

My Roku LT does not like tablo. Like you said, I can get the channel but if you select a tv show or recording, it just drops back to the channel selection screen. My Roku LT is the old purple boxy model. I haven’t tried factory resetting it yet but I will. My Roku 2 XS works great wired, and tried wireless yesterday and it had some loading please wait screens every once in a while, but not to where it was unusable.

I would like to announce that factory resetting my Roku LT did make it start working with Tablo! Cheers!

Really? Odd and Sweet!