Streaming 1080?

I know you can record 1080 (10mbps) and watch that content back on computer, but does anyone know a device that could plug into a TV  that could handle that bandwidth? I, like most people, am using a roku for playback and record using the 720 roku setting(3mbps). But I got to thinking about what I could even use to play back the 1080 setting. Can appleTV airplay tablos 1080 setting? Just wondering.

The Roku, AppleTv, and Chromecast can all handle the 1080p setting, if you have a good network at home.  The 720p roku/chromecast setting is there for users that may not have the best network or have devices in areas that are far away from the router.

I have two Roku3’s (one wired, one wireless on the same floor as my router) as well as a Chromecast on a different floor.  My Tablo is wired to my router as well.  One PC is wired, while my other desktop is wireless (AC).  I am using a Netgear Nighthawk R7000 router connected to a UVerse  NVG589 gateway.  

Using a wired Roku 2XS and when set at the 1080 setting I experience bouts of “loading” messages at time when watching recorded content, but not all the time (I honestly think it’s a bug in the Roku app).

For instance, I watched a recording (at 1080) of the Live Tonight Show after the Super Bowl, playback was fine until the music act began near the end of the show - must have got the loading message 10 times - then things cleared up and no further problems.  With 1080 I get more of the odd looping playback problem too.  When set at 720 I only sporadically had these issues, but I have a large hard drive and a home network with plenty of bandwidth so I see no reason not to try and get the best picture possible by using the 1080 setting.

Right after the Tablo launch, and for months after that, I was able to record at 1080 and playback was flawless.  Then with one of the updates (firmware or Tablo Roku app - don’t know which) the 1080 playback started displaying the loading messages.  I switched to 720, and only lately have went back to 1080 in the hopes the recent updates have helped - however the problem still exists.

My Roku 3 handles 1080 without a problem, but my Chromecast buffers a lot. Had to drop to 720p for that reason. Also using a Nighthawk R7000 router.

I’m with you mbellaire. The 1080 is too buggy for playback for me. Heck even the 720 still has hiccups once in a while so I stick with the 720roku setting. And for the Roku thats fine with me.

Snowcat, maybe it’s a Roku2x vs Roku3 issue. I have both my Roku2x and my Tablo wired to the same router and for the life of me can never get smooth playback with the 1080 setting. 

Maybe I read this wrong in another thread but someone said the 1080 recording setting  is around 10mbps, 720 is about 5mbps, and the 720roku setting is about 3mbps. And the reason there is a roku setting is because the Roku maxes out at 3.8mbps. 

Which brings me back to my original question does anyone know a device (besides a computer and a Roku3) that can handle a 10mbps stream?