Stream from phone to TV


I have a Roku and am unable to stream Tablo content at a location away from my home Wifi. However, my android phone gets great reception.

What is the best way to stream my phone Tablo picture to my TV?



If you are asking about Roku remote connect.

Roku and Apple TV do NOT currently support Tablo Connect.



I take a chromecast dongle with me on vacation. I plug it into the Motels TV, and stream to it from my android phone.



I also use a Chromecast dongle for this purpose. One challenge can be getting it to connect to hotel WiFi networks where they have authentication required. To deal with that, I also take a nano travel router that can be connected to the hotel WiFi, authenticated, and then all my devices can connect to the travel router and have access. Chromecast, Google home mini, etc.


Thanks for the responses. Any problems with Chromecast audio/video synchronization?


No problem with mine.