Stream from Kindle HDX to HDTV?

It seems the HDX does not support the Chrome browser or the Chromecast device, and the Table App for the Kindle does not stream to Chromecast or to FireTV. The only streaming from the Kindle looks to be through their Miracast feature to Fire TV. What about the combination of using the Tablo App on the Kindle HDX and using the Kindle’s Miracast feature to a Fire TV device? Has anyone tried this?

@DCH All my Kindles are too old for Tablo, so I can’t answer that question, but I think it would just be easier for you to sideload the Tablo web app on the Fire TV and be done.

Edit: Whoops totally misread what you were after.  In that case, you could jailbreak your HDX and put Cyanogen on it, but that may be a bit extreme.

Yes from my understanding to cast to the Chromecast it only works with Android tablet app. They will be adding it to the web app shortly, and hopefully the Amazon tablet app as well.

Yes I know the Amazon OS is based off the Android OS, but it is different enough to cause these problems.

Another option to side loading the Tablo Android APK to the Fire TV:

@DHC There’s no official support for this at the moment - stay tuned!