Strange Scan/Guide issue

When I tried to access Channel 8.1 (PBS) in Atlanta last night, I was unsuccessful even though the signal is quite strong. I rescanned the channels and 8.1 did not show up. However, I noticed that Channel 1.0 Program showed up with a strong signal. I added it to my channels and sure enough, if I clicked on Channel 1.0, it showed the Channel 8.1 content. But there is no Guide information for Channel 1.0 (or for Channel 8). I have tried several nearby zip codes and rescanned and same result.

Has anyone experienced something like this? Any suggestions how I can get Channel 8.1 back? Again not a reception issue - but 8.1 is coming in as 1.0 and there is no Guide data.

Appreciate your thoughts.

I have a bunch of issues with this guide in general. It really is upsetting to setup a recording schedule and have shows not scheduled recorded, others just skipped, start times late or early and run-on times as much as 15 minutes too long. I understand stations shuffle stuff, but I have also recorded with different equipment/guides over the years, and this on seems to be far more inaccurate for some reason. I really seems like the people doing this guide must be making quite a few mistakes on a regular bases.

As to the scanning issue, the purpose for scanning is to find good signals in the air, on or off the guide. At least it always has been in every device I have ever used. Might be tablo limits it’s scan based on zip code/guide, but I really doubt it. Something else must be happening. As to the guide not having a listing, see the above paragraph.



As I have hinted before the best guide I have found is It is unfortunate that @TabloTV has chosen not to let us use them for our EPG for the Tablo. You can compare the listing from there to Tablo and schedule manually if Titan tv shows a different show/time.

@jdoe Well that’s… odd.

Can you send us a ticket? We can login and see what’s up.
We’re happy to help you as well, @marjamar! Just send us a note.

I did open a ticket (and got an email confirmation). Please let me know if you need any further information.

Here is a screenshot after scanning. 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2 contain the programming that was on 8.1, 8.2, and 8.3 - PBS in Atlanta .

But I get no guide information for 1.0

There isn’t any 1-0 to my knowledge. Something is goofy.

That is bizarre. The fact that it repeats 1-0 three times with a channel name of “Program” highly suggests something is messed up.

I’ve sometimes had odd channels show up that were not chanbels. Just rescan Ned and it fixed itself.

Weird problem - maybe it’s due to all those tabs open? lol kiddin Tablo will have to directly rectify it. I’ve never seen it.

Have no idea what was going on but the good news is that the new beta firmware update that was just released fixed my issue (after I rescanned the channels). What caused the problem and why the new firmware fixed it may never be known, but my world makes snese again. Thanks for all the suggestions.