Strange issue with my Roku Premier +

I don’t know exactly when it started but when I fast foward through a recording on resume the audio sounds really fast for a few seconds until it catches up. Also the text on the titles of the recording list are sort of pixelated. Doesn’t happen on my Roku 3. Any thoughts?

I have noticed the same things on my P+, started with one of the Roku firmware updates. Also made posts regarding this in the Roku apps area.

I also noticed it. I noticed it the day I got my P+. I assume it has to do with how Roku deals with audio sync on MP4 file.

For those who don’t know, audio is synced with video using key frames (special frames in the video). I assume that to keep audio in sync after fast forwarding, the audio starts at the most recent key-frame while the video starts where you said start. Then they both play up to the next key-frame. The faster audio is a result of not cutting the audio at exactly the same place as the video and playing it faster to sync with the next key-frame.