Strange bug in 2.2.40?

While troubleshooting VHF reception problems, I keep coming across something odd with the Tablo firmware.

If I can’t play a channel because of a weak signal, every attempt to play a different channel fails - I get either a “signal is too weak” or (more often) a “storage is full - delete some recordings” error message, even though the hard drive has 6 GB free space and the channel has plenty of signal strength.

Rebooting via the blue button clears the problem and I can watch channels again normally.

I’ve found this problem reproducible 100% of the time. Has anyone else noticed this? My Tablo is the quad model, network attached.

Just for clarity, do you mean 6 TB or truly 6 GB?

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6 Gigabytes. I haven’t recorded anything in a few months.

Maybe @TabloSupport can jump in here, but I asked because while 6 GB is enough space to record a few (depending on your recording quality) shows I’m not sure if there is a certain “threshold” of free space that Tablo expects/needs and whether that could be contributing to your issues, particularly the “storage is full” message.

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When I was having reception issues with my local PBS station (bad configuration at station causing split screen, etc.) my Tablo would do something similar.

If I tried to tune the bad channel the Tablo would ultimately restart, but then I’d get weird behavior on other non-problem channels. Had to power cycle to “clean” it up. I’m thinking it’s hardware related since (in my case) a restart would not fix, but pulling power would.

Pretty odd behaviour - we’d be happy to take a look. Can you send our support team a note? We’ll setup a remote session and see if we can determine what’s causing this.

Be happy to. Will I need to be at home when you remote-in?

Also I should’ve mentioned that the symptom occurs with the Roku and iPad.

Apologies for the delayed response - did you send a note to our team? They’ll be able to coordinate the details of the remote session.

I’m having the same problem with a 750GB drive says Storage is full with 738GB available and live channels don’t work either.

@buddytina - Since it doesn’t appear you have that many recordings (738gb free out of 750gb) you could try deleting all the current recordings to see if that fixes the Tablo database.

Or you could reformat the drive (you’ll have to pull the drive and attach to a PC, and format with Windows - then when you reattach to the Tablo it will prompt for a reformat). You could even try a factory reset as a last resort

It is also possible that your hard drive is failing/corrupted.

p.s. you can run Live channels with no hard drive attached.