Strange bug in 2.2.40?

While troubleshooting VHF reception problems, I keep coming across something odd with the Tablo firmware.

If I can’t play a channel because of a weak signal, every attempt to play a different channel fails - I get either a “signal is too weak” or (more often) a “storage is full - delete some recordings” error message, even though the hard drive has 6 GB free space and the channel has plenty of signal strength.

Rebooting via the blue button clears the problem and I can watch channels again normally.

I’ve found this problem reproducible 100% of the time. Has anyone else noticed this? My Tablo is the quad model, network attached.

Just for clarity, do you mean 6 TB or truly 6 GB?

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6 Gigabytes. I haven’t recorded anything in a few months.

Maybe @TabloSupport can jump in here, but I asked because while 6 GB is enough space to record a few (depending on your recording quality) shows I’m not sure if there is a certain “threshold” of free space that Tablo expects/needs and whether that could be contributing to your issues, particularly the “storage is full” message.

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When I was having reception issues with my local PBS station (bad configuration at station causing split screen, etc.) my Tablo would do something similar.

If I tried to tune the bad channel the Tablo would ultimately restart, but then I’d get weird behavior on other non-problem channels. Had to power cycle to “clean” it up. I’m thinking it’s hardware related since (in my case) a restart would not fix, but pulling power would.

Pretty odd behaviour - we’d be happy to take a look. Can you send our support team a note? We’ll setup a remote session and see if we can determine what’s causing this.

Be happy to. Will I need to be at home when you remote-in?

Also I should’ve mentioned that the symptom occurs with the Roku and iPad.

Apologies for the delayed response - did you send a note to our team? They’ll be able to coordinate the details of the remote session.