Storage not found

I record a lot of programs that come on during the night. Lately when I go to watch the recorded programs, it says that the program didn’t record because no storage was found.

This makes no sense. The drive is new, and all the other recorded programs playback just fine. Why is it saying that the drive is not available?

I went with a Tablo because I didn’t have very good luck with other DVR products. Some were very buggy, and no one seemed to want to help.


Hi @kmath61 Sorry you’re running into this.

If you’ve got a USB-connected drive, check that the connections between your drive and your Tablo are secure and try a test recording.

If you’re still seeing this error, it’s possible that the drive itself or its USB cable may be an out-of-the-box lemon.

If you have a spare USB drive connector, it could be worth swapping that out as well before you go to the drive manufacturer or the retailer for a warranty replacement.

While it’s also possible there could be an issue with the Tablo itself, we do test the USB ports on every Tablo during manufacturing so it’s less likely. You can test this quickly yourself by attempting to charge your phone via the port.

Won’t this only test the USB power pins? What about the USB data lines?

@DrJack It’s a crude test, but it’s a start.

Isn’t possible your phone, depending upon configuration settings and other variables, ask if you want charging only or mass storage (aka USB “drive”)?

[full disclosure: I haven’t tried it and it’s unlikely I will. But I believe the possibility may exist as I see with plugging into other computers.]